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I’ve been searching it, but I have not been able to find info about it…
What is the meaning of the Icons that apear in the files of the Nextcloud folder in Windows explorer?
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I’m pretty sure they use windows internal API so the meaning is the same for all programs:

  • Blue cloud icon: Indicates that the file is only available online. Since it’s an online file, it won’t take an space on your computer and you can’t open an online-only file without Internet connection.
  • Green tick icon: Indicates a locally available file. If you open an online-only file, it automatically downloads on your computer and becomes a locally available file. Now you can open a locally available file anytime without Internet connection.
  • Green circle with white check mark: Indicates an always available file. When you mark a file as “Always keep on this device”, it gets a green circle with white check mark.
  • Red circle with white cross: Indicates that a file or folder cannot be synced.

so… in that case, what is the meaning of the 2 circle arrows?

I think this means “sync in progress/awaiting sync”…

I have lot of files in this state as well (maybe this is a leftover of an earlier version I updated in place). switching the folder from “avalable locally”/“free up local space” turns the icon into expected state (solid green or blue cloud)…

but I observed Interesting behavior - once the file reaches good state (dosn’t matter where to start) - and I open the file with Excel or Winword the icon changes to the “sync” (two cycling blue arrows) and doesn’t recover (within minutes)… the problem doesn’t exist if one reads the file with Pdf or image viewer. maybe this happens if the another program takes exclusive access to the file (to edit).

At the moment I did not perform more tests or created logs…

Today this icon appeared on the files in my NextCloud folder. While I’m usually pretty good at interpreting icons I have absolutely no idea what it means.
Anyone else an idea?

(It might be noteworthy that this is Windows 11)

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