Desktop client ver. 3.0+

Is there any way to get back extended right-clock menu on tray icon as it was in version 2?
Now for pause all need to open main view then to go to account list and then it is possible to pause. And i cannot find at all pause all per account from the same right-click menu o.O
Update to version 3 look like downgrade from usability standpoint.

From use case point: Why do you need a quick access to pause syncing?

I often pause sync working on laptop to reduce mobile data usage. For example when i work on some presentation or docs, on each save it is several megabytes.
I sync from time to time or if i need to pull some files from cloud.

Pretty much every solution on the market has it, it’s an expected aspect of the UX, IMO. Why bury a commonly used option when you could have it quickly accessible?

Currently it is a 3-click action to pause all sync.

3-click+ need to move mice up and down. And not possible to pause per sync. I just don’t see why need to hide so far?

Hopefully @camila or @jan can give us some insights related to function and design

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Yes, “Pause sync” (or “Pause sync for all” if multiple accounts are connected) will make it back to the right-click menu. See