Desktop client not matching username after introduction of user_oidc

Nextcloud version : 27.0.1
Running the official Docker image 27.0.1-apache
Desktop client version: 3.4.2 (Ubuntu)

I have recently successfully added user_oidc to my Nextcloud Installation with authentik as identity provider.
I was previously using user_ldap for authentication (which is still enabled and working).
In authentik i added a custom scope mapping to map my users from authentik (which imported the users from ldap) to the existing users in Nextcloud and this works just fine.

At first the desktop client worked just fine. But after some time i guess some token expired* and I had to login again. When i did that the client showed this error message:

Mit folgendem Benutzer anmelden: nwinkelstraeter

And the client log shows this message:

2023-08-07 16:06:57:976 [ info nextcloud.sync.credentials.webflow ./src/gui/creds  webflowcredentials.cpp:187 ]:	Authed with the wrong user!

When i then login using the ldap backend i can login again and then error occurs again when i login using OIDC.
I assumed that somehow that last login backend used determines what string is sent to the desktop client to identify the user.

So I changed the webflow_user value in ~/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg (which contained my displayname nwinkelstraeter to the same value of the option dav_user (which contained my internal username which is a uuid).
After that I could login just fine.

So now my question is:
Is there some way to make this switch not require editing the desktop client configuration file or adding a new account to the client?
I do not real want all my user to have to do those cumbersome steps.

I hope somebody can help me with this.
Thanks and regards

*Another problem i am having after switching my account to oidc is that my desktop client is constantly logged out and i have to go through the browser flow to reauthenticate. Sometimes my browser session is also expired. I think this is unrelated and i have some error in the oidc configuration somewhere.