Desktop Client makes Explorer unbearably slow! [FIX]

I just finally found out the reason why Windows Explorer was so goddamn slow to the point where it would crash when doing a simple right click on the desktop.
The Nextcloud context menu handler slows down explorer whenever we try opening a new window or doing a right click, to disable it I used ShellExView from NirSoft.
Hopefully This gets fixed in an upcoming update (if not already, I may have had an earlier version I think)

I would love to hear exactly how. I have the same issue and had to canel the client, because it is impossible to work with my computer while it’s running.


Would you share what OS you are running (with version) and Desktop Client version?
This would be helpful for others who may run into similar problems.

Windows 10 on HP Z4G4, 24 GB RAM and HP Laptop Windows 11 16 GB RAM.