Desktop client Installation failed

i wanted to update to the Desktop Version 3.12.3 x64 on my Windows 10 22H2. The installation wizard starts normally and after he want admin rigths, it comes to an error. As result of that I uninstalled Nextcloud file by file because the installation wizard only opens so short that I can’t read anything.

After this I wan’t to install the latest version, so I downloaded the msi but the problem doesn’t dissappear.
In the error log is only given the code 1603. So I don’t have any plan why it doesn’t work. Can you help me or advise me what to do?

If the client is running, you can start it to log into a file, if these options are available for the installer, I do not know. I’d try to start the installer from command line, this way, you perhaps get some more details on the console output.

If that does not help, I’d try with the info you have on the bug tracker and you ask the developers if they need additional info and how to obtain them.