Desktop client fails to connect

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to get nextcloud 2.6.0 working, but it fails to connect. It says “error during connection, please try later”. I have acces with the browser. Also, other people from my company can log to it with the desktop client and I can too with my account on other’s computer.

It’s just mine and I have no clue why.

Thanks for your help,


Is the client in the same network as the browser? Is two-factor authentication enabled?

i think you need to find out about the difference from your computer to any other computer…
if all others are able to connect it means the nc-server is setup correctly.
so the problem must be on your computer.

if we should try to answer more precisely i’m afraid we’d need more infos about your computer.

Hi Pierric,


Just a guess and did you check the documentation?

NC 16 Docs » Manage connected browsers and devices

Honestly, as your http seems to connect I would be lost too why the web-dav client cannot connect. However, there may be issues with your client OS platform as mentioned by others already.

  • Application firewall?
  • Proxy settings?
  • Stable connection and no garble (i.e. transmission errors) on the network connection?

More general documentation for network troubleshooting would be:

Please check or call some IT person to check for you in your office.

Hope this helps.

Not to forget (as I obviously did forget to mention before):

However, there should be IT support available to you and others in the a.m. “company” of your’s , hopefully.

Good luck.