Desktop Client Error Building w / Binaries for Windows

I have been trying to build the desktop client for about a week now so that I can dig in and try to mess with some theming and turn off some features I wont be needing. In the process I have run into numerous issues and have managed to resolve them in one way or another. I have a VM running openSUSE and I have downloaded the source file ownCloudClient-2.3.2.tar.xz file and unzipped it all into my home/jwarren/client folder. I then ran:

cd admin/win/docker
docker build . -t owncloud-client-win32:

Which I was able to get through. Now I am on the second command:

docker run -v “$PWD:/home/user/client” owncloud-client-win32:
/home/user/client/admin/win/docker/ client/ $(id -u)

Here I am getting almost the the end and then I receive this error message which I cant figure out how to resolve.

CPack Error: Problem running NSIS command "user/bin/makensis"
CPack Error: Problem Compressing Directory

Can anyone help me out with this?