Desktop Client Delete non-synchronized Folders

Hi everybody,

Some Infomations about my instance:

  • NC18 on Debian 10
  • MacOS Desktop Client
  • Running NGINX with PHP-FPM
  • Plugins: User-LDAP, External-Storages
  • 2FA-TOTP Provider
  • 2FA-Email Provider

we have an major issue with the desktop client (in this example on macOS)

Our Customer has the directory-tree like this:

With the desktop client there only sync Job2 under Sub2

NOW, the folder Sub2 was deleted due to incorrect operation locally on his Mac.
The client has synced this action and has delete ALL folders on server-side under Sub2 and himself. In this case β€œonly” Job1 and Job2.
But this was the example for describe my problem. In the origin case he has deleted more then 50 Folders and has just two synced with the client.

Who knows this problem or how i can prevent this.

Thanks for your ideas and comments :slight_smile:

kind regards