Desktop Client Black Screen after Server Connection

I have an issue whereby Nextcloud client(s) inc the latest versions and older ones show a black screen after agreeing to the self-signed certificate, this black screen is all I see. Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? The HTTPS interface works fine as does Owncloud’s 2.5 client.

Here are the screenshots:

After agreeing to the self-signed certificate, this black screen is all I see. The system is still responsive but I can only go “back”.

This is the OwnCloud Client version showing both connections, but reporting unsupported Nextcloud server.

Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

Same problem on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1. Rolled back to older version

It seems to just be a black screen with all links and fields available, you just can’t see them. What I did was move the mouse around until the cursor changed to allow me to input data. I typed the username, hit tab and then typed the password and pressed Enter and it let me in.

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I solved a problem with black screen in the Connection Wizard in the Ubuntu desktop client, version 2.5.1-20181204.111806~bionic1 from ppa:nextcloud-devs/client.
It appeared when clicking “Next” after filling in the server address. Seems like the OP:s case. (Server has a letsencrypt cert, so no agreeing of self-signed cert needed.)

To troubleshoot I started nextcloud from command line like this to enable logging:
nextcloud --logwindow --logdebug
This showed an error
QOpenGLFramebufferObject: Unsupported framebuffer format.
when clicking “Next”, which hinted at a graphics handling problem.
I am running lubuntu 18.04.1 inside a VirtualBox. Problem was caused by “Enable 3D Acceleration” in the Virtual Machine settings. After removing that, it now works.

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My problem is with a physical machine… but then again I’m accessing it with Remote Desktop (RDP). Same problem? Is there a way to circumvent that?


same error is happening on WIndows 7 with the 2.5.1 client.

It’s good to know, that the fields are actually there, but I think this should be adressed as it hinders people from using nextcloud…

@merikz … same problem for me, running Ubuntu 18.04 via VirtualBox VM … with the additional problem, that after hitting the black screen, trying to back out of, or kill the NC Connection Wizard, the entire VM quickly becomes entirely unresponsive, forcing me to do a hard kill from the VirtualBox dashboard.

@merikz solution worked for me, as well. Shut off 3D acceleration, and all good. Thanx.