Desktop client alternative...?!

Considering Windows 11 will support Android apps (probably powered by WSL2)

maybe just using the Android app on Windows will solve its many problems…?

I think it is too early to seriously discuss the details of this implementation. All we can do at the moment is speculate. As it looks, they only support the Amazon Store, which limits the choice of apps somewhat. Whether side loading of apps is possible is also not yet known. How seamless the integration will actually be, for example to synchronise local folders and files, remains to be seen… There are just not many details known yet, except that someone started TikTok on a Windows PC at a marketing presentation… :wink:

Perhaps it solves problems you did not have without Windows :wink:
Perhaps 2022 is the year of the Linux desktop :wink:
I do not need integration of Microsoft Teams and a better Microsoft Store.
Microsoft changes more and more from desktop to client/cloud (like Android and iOS).
There is less and less space for individual software/cloud like nextcloud.

That would be nice but very unlikely…

The “appeal” of Windows - since its very early days - was always about what can be done with it despite all the restrictions in place…
Windows 10 has Skype and Internet Explorer (!) installed by default… Does it matter? On W11 Skype is replaced by Teams, so what?
The fact that the same “tools” that activate W10 today also work on W11 shows the real difference between the two OSs plumbing…

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For me that year was 2016. :slight_smile: 2016 was the year I finally switched my main machine completely to Linux. And honestly, I don’t miss a thing. And certainly not the constant nagging to register with proprietary services.

This argument, although true for a bigger chunk of users than Linux desktop market share would imply (under 5%), won’t change anything any time soon. More so, if we allow miracles and tomorrow people switch from Windows to Linux, then the day after tomorrow a lot of applications will disappear. Including Nextcloud. Because they mostly solve Windows users problems…

Microsoft is “suffering” from not having a healthy app market business. And Apple’s latest financial reports show that apps contribute an ever growing chunk of their profits. Hence, why not try to link to an existing app market. And there is only one for grabs.

It could be a very interesting development, even if only temporary…

Sideloading will also be supported

Taken from here

Life might get interesting…:slight_smile:

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