Desktop Client - Access problem after Update

I am running a Nextcloud server working with 29.0.1.
Since some days 2 PC clients won’t sync files anymore.
I do get an error message that the local sync database cannot be accessed anymore.
The server was migrated from owncloud some months ago and all worked perfectly.
The sync data is located in C:\users\username\owncloud.

I have deleted this syncronisation and added a new one based on /nextcloud instead of owncloud. After copying all files from the old to the new folder sync works again.
Since this may happen on all my PC clients I want to know on how to fix the access problems on the /owncloud directory.
Is there a Win-update or something that restricts the access?
Is there a workaround without deleting/moving the old sync folder?

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If you add a new synchronization, you have to sync all data again. The client cannot check itself by checksum or similar, if there are the same files on the client-side and server-side.

What might work, and what you perhaps tried: Stop the client, then copy/rename sync folder from owncloud to nextcloud. Important, in the config file, you have to adjust the paths as well:

Not sure in your case, by deleting and creating again a sync folder, it should sync everything again. If there are still problems, you’d need to check the logfiles for more details.

I do not use a Nextcloud desktop client. But wouldn’t that be a really good feature? Can’t even decades-old software like “rsync” do that?

There seems to be an unofficial way:

(the same issue is a feature request for this, and it has been there for a while)

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