Desktop Client 3.7.x Share Options Not Working

Hello Everyone,

There seems to be an issue with the Windows Desktop Client version 3.7.x. This was working on a prior version 3.6.x until the client updated.

When selecting either the Share Options or Public link option from the windows menu, the share window opens but is grayed out with spinning sync symbol. (see image below)

The issue seems to be happening on both Windows 11 (10.0.22621) and Windows 10 (10.0.19045)

Does anyone know if this is configuration bug that can be fixed? Or is this a programming issue?


Same problem on different clients (WIN / OSX) with 3.7.3 nextcloud desktop apps and different nextclouds 25.0.3 (private and public).

For me it seems to be a bug.

Got the same issue.
When I backrolled the client to 3.6.x, everything works fine.

Fun part about it is: We got two nextcloud-servers running. On the main server, the share-dialog works fine in 3.7.3. On the secondary it doesn’t. Both run Nextcloud 25.0.4.

So it seems to be something about the client and the way nextcloud is setup, not the client itself.

Would be great to get some help.

For now, we use the browserbased share-dialog. This one works fine.

I am experiencing the same issue with macOS client 3.7.3, server 25.0.4.

Experiencing the same problem on two different computers, both running client version 3.7.3.

I tested with separate servers:
Server 1: 25.0.3 (Doesn’t work, even after upgrade to 25.0.4)
Server 2: 25.0.0 (Works)
Server 3: 25.0.4 (Works)
Server 4: 26.0.0 beta 5 (Works)

Same, server 23.0.12, client 3.7.3, Windows 10.

Same Problem on two different Clients (both 3.7.3) and ONE of TWO Servers (both 25.0.4) :confused:
But I’m pretty sure that the settings on both servers are identical.

Got updated to client version 3.7.4 today when booting up, and that fixed the issues for me.

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Idem pour moi et la mise à jour a également réglé le problème de notification pour la double authentification.

Confirmed. Version 3.7.4 fixes the issue on Windows 11 and 10.

And Windows server 2019

unfortunately not for me :frowning:

We have the problem on Windows Server 2019, Option to set a password never opens a field to enter a password. Tried version 3.7.4- still a problem. Works on some servers, not others so could it be maybe a .NET or Java thing?