Desktop client 3.6.6 is out!

Hi everybody!

The desktop team released version 3.6.6 of the client today. This is a quick follow-up of the 3.6.5 where we had a snafu in the German translations, breaking a lot of dialogs. If you happened to update to 3.6.5 already and are happy with it - I guess you can stick with it :wink:

3.6.6 is small, as we are close to 3.7, but we still wanted to bring some fixes to you before the next major release! Below the changelog the dev’s shared with me.

What’s Changed

What’s Changed

Full Changelog: Comparing v3.6.4...v3.6.5 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub


Server 24.0.9 is also out, but in this board… err… category, only final version of the client are announced. For the server only RC’s are announced here. Why (just curious)? RC’s are in my view Github stuff. Scary to me.