Desktop client 3.6.2

Hi crew!

A new desktop client is about to be/has been published depending on how quick I am typing this and how fast the dev’s hit the publish button :wink:

Our devs told me it has a number of fixes for E2EE. The E2EE keypair will now not get generated automatically without user enabling it explicitly, which removes the annoying bug of an E2EE mnemonic passphrase being popped up all of a sudden on each start of a desktop client if a user forgot to copy mnemonic and added a new connection to that account. There is also a fix of the incorrect account being selected when one of multiple accounts is removed from the list resulting in account state being displayed as offline.

What’s Changed

Full Changelog

Get the new versions on our download page, through the built in updaters or from your favorite :penguin: distribution!


Guess what, they were faster than I was, it’s already there. Go update :wink:


It seems it doesn’t work for me (mac osx 12.6.1)

Where do can I find another version? (3.6.0, 3.6.1…)


it’s ok (it seems) I would close the task