Desktop client 3.5.4


  • #4794 Add and use DO_NOT_REBOOT_IN_SILENT=1 parameter for MSI to not reboot during the auto-update.
  • #4801 Always run MSI with full UI

For details see Releases 路 nextcloud/desktop 路 GitHub

3.5.4 is doing an automatic restart too on Windows 10 during auto-update.

Take care before updating it!

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Here is how one can avoid the automatic reboot and hence data loss. [Bug]: After upgrading to the latest version, it force rebooted my machine without asking for any permission to do so, resulting in data-loss once again. 路 Issue #4524 路 nextcloud/desktop 路 GitHub

Or is giving users a hint how to avoid data loss not valuable? It is a desktop client QA problem not a user problem.

I think giving a hint about the unannounced reboot is fine, encouraging people to avoid the reboot is not. Because you absolutley should reboot after you upgraded a software like the Nextcloud Desktop Client. But it should of course not happen without asking the user or it should at least warn the user upfront.

It is generally advisable to close all programs before installing or updating any software. Also if you really lost hours of your work, you didn鈥檛 save your work for hours. What do you do in case of a power failure or if the computer crashes or malfunctions? I think the data loss is at least partly self-inflicted, also because you clicked on the exact same update button again, without first saving your work, after you already expirienced data loss once by doing so :wink:

Who encouraged to avoid the update? Where did you read that into the posts?

Not sure whether looking on the funny side of things or pointing back to the user or other things that could have happened but did not is really helpful or professional.

Nextcloud as well as the client is not some hobby project but a commercial/professional product.

A 鈥淲e are sorry, our QA missed that bug before release. Then we forgot to check whether we backported it to 3.5 and thus it took round about two months before the actual fix of a potential data loss arrived at the users - fixing it only for the time after 3.5.4. And we also forgot to place a prominent hint on, e.g. the blog, how one can avoid the potential data loss. We try better next time and have changed xyz to increase the chances of catching these kind of issues before we release and if there is a potential data loss bug or regression, the time for releasing the fix is shortened.鈥 would have been possible.

Or if that is too self-reflecting a simple 鈥淪orry for the trouble!鈥.

It is important and appropriate to inform the users about the issue with the unannounced reboot. However, the over dramatization about data loss is completely unnecessary. Because data loss can be avoided easily by not updating things while you have several unsaved files open. It is simply best practice to save your work regularly, because it can always go something wrong, even with so-called 鈥減rofessional鈥 software developed by large corporations. If you had followed this one simple rule, the disaster would have been nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

I鈥檓 just a user who is giving his opinion. And who is trying to save you from future disasters :wink:

What makes you think I lost data and that I did only refer to you? You over assume too much. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:x1000

So I was right then. It was just an over-dramatisation :wink:

I鈥檓 just sick of this moaning everywhere鈥 People are using free software for which they don鈥檛 pay a cent, using the forum for free support and then asking for a personal apology after not following basic rules for using a computer that every child would know.

I mean yes it is a bug or maybe a bad design choice, I don鈥檛 know. But the issue has been acknowledged and addressed but it is obviously not a 100% fixed yet. This is sub-optimal but not the end of the world.

Btw. I have worked long enough in IT support to know that such and much worse bugs exist in products from big companies like Microsoft etc. And for these products you pay a lot of money without ever getting an apology for anything.

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