Desktop client 3.4.4 is out

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Nicely complementing 23.0.3 and 22.2.6, the desktop team published 3.4.4 of the desktop client! Changes:

  • desktop#4339 [stable-3.4] Do not remove files from a Group folder and its nested folders when it is renamed or removed while not allowed.
  • desktop#4354 [stable-3.4] Bugfix/prevent overflow with mtime
  • desktop#4358 Old submodule url does not work anylonger

Just a few small fixes, but worthwhile of course. Go update! And stay tuned for 3.5RC1 soon!

Get the clients now!

EDIT: For those of you up for some testing, desktop client 3.5RC1 is tagged, so the code at least is ready for some attention! You can get the source here. A build will be available soon.

EDIT2: build available! click

One feature that comes with this new release is the ability to choose the Beta channel for releases to help test upcoming RC’s! Screenshot below, courtesy of our developer Alex :ukraine:

Release Release 3.5.0 RC1 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub


Does anyone know whether it’s somewhat safe to use virtual files in the current Linux client and an up-to-date Nextcloud instance? Or is there anything to be especially careful about? All I find regarding the feature is “it’s experimental”, but it would be helpful to know what to look out for, which aspects to consider carefully or to what to give feedback on…

My understanding is that it isn’t unstable or anything, but the integration with the ‘replacement files’ leaves a lot to be desired from an UI pov. So that’s why we keep it marked as experimental.

Of course this also means it gets less usage, so that does increase the risk of bugs a little. But most of the code is shared with the windows virtual files code which gets a lot of usage and testing, so I don’t think that overall it is risky to run at all.

Thanks @jospoortvliet for the clarification. I will give it a shot and observe the robustness ;-).

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