Desktop Client 3.4.2 is here 💻

We made the second bugfix release for the 3.4 series available earlier today. See what’s fixed:

  • desktop#4140 Bugfix/force re-login on SSL Handshake error
  • desktop#4150 Do not display 'Conflict when uploading some files to a folder
  • desktop#4151 Windows. MSI. Unregister Nextcloud folders in SyncRootManager on uninstall.
  • desktop#4156 Unbreak loading translations
  • desktop#4169 Hide share button for deleted files and ignored files in tray activity
  • desktop#4170 Display error message when creating a link share with compromised password.
  • desktop#4174 Bugfix. Re-init sharing manager to enable link sharing UI when receivng sharing permissions.
  • desktop#4179 Show only filenames in tray activity items, with full path in tooltip
  • desktop#4197 use proper API to dehydrate a placeholder file
  • desktop#4203 Add macOS *.textClipping files to ignore list

Edit: I’ve updated my openSUSE packages.
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Sounds good. Does this also address the issues with 3.4.1 not uploading reliably, or is that still being looked into? Ie, #4141 If that is still not solved, I can’t budge off 3.3.6 because 3.4.1 did definitely not sync reliably for me.

your could have looked it up yourself → Client 3.4.1 Syncing does not work properly. · Issue #4141 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

I’m not sure what you mean?

I’m aware of the case, which is why I wrote the case number you linked into my question. I’m not aware of what the status is on a fix. I saw someone write in a thread about 3.4.2 that it did not fix the unreliable sync issue, and unreliable syncing is kind of a show-stopper, so I wanted to explicitly ask if any of the listed fixes would have affected the syncing reliability.

well to be perfect honest, your question was if this issue was solved or not. I - not knowing that you looked it up yourself before - was posting the link to said issue which is still “open” - to let you know about this.

but well then again: you answered your question yourself in your first posting which now makes me ask: why did you post it at all?

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Ah, this is so frustrating. I don’t want to update our ~40 clients to 3.4.X as long as bugs like this are open Client 3.4.1 Syncing does not work properly. · Issue #4141 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

But only the latest version is officially supported.

We need a long-term-support version of the client!


So my understanding of the current state is:
With Nextcloud 22 and older, 3.4.2 has no known issues with syncing
With Nextcloud 23, 3.4.2 has three known issues, one very hard to reproduce. One is that you get conflict files frequently, a second that the client freezes sometimes and the third has to do with syncing a lot of files sometimes going wrong when there are network issues. We have the first two fixed and wanted to do a 3.4.3 today fixing these two issues. Maybe we will, maybe we wait until the 3rd problem is fixed, the team is still working on it.

FYI, for those waiting for 23.0.1, an RC is now (again/finally) out. We kept bumping into issues but now it seems we got everything, including some that help the client. This should, hopefully, be final next week.

If you have Nextcloud 23, it might be wise to stick to a pre-3.4 version of the client until 3.4.3 is out. Note that the chance on issues is small, I personally use the 3.4.2 client and very occasionally have a conflict file but otherwise no big problems. So it’s not that it eats files like crazy.


Unfortunately I cannot fully agree. I’m using the desktop client with my Nextcloud v22.2.3 server. The sync behavior is much better than before, but there is still a problem that sometime the sync fails with an etag error message. BTW, the same happens with the Android app but in this case the displayed message states that the server would be in maintenance mode.

I think both messages are leading into a wrong direction because it only happens if a file should be synchronized which is stored on a mounted WebDAV share. Surprisingly the message vanishes very often if I open Nextcloud in a web browser in parallel and load the share ones. I assume that the sync mechanism sometimes runs in a kind of timeout if the accessed file is not cached - but I’m not an expert on this.

Well, I won’t say there are no problems, but this is not a regression compared to the 3.3.x series, is it? There is a million reasons why you can get errors, from a badly configured server which occasionally randomly kills apache processes because it runs out of memory to a router that occasionally drops packets.

It sounds like an issue with the WebDAV share - if Nc fails to connect to the remote server, it can result in errors that are hard to reproduce - one moment, the file is there, the next, it is not. Or indeed, something with caching. In any case, I don’t think it’s the same issue as the ones we’ve been hunting down in 23.

To find out what’s wrong, check the server (Nextcloud, but also apache) logs for any errors related to the WebDAV connection, perhaps it is not stable. Also check your system log, you never know.