Desktop client 3.4.1 - unable to enable Virtual Files on KDE


I am trying to enable Virtual files sync on OpenSuse TW (KDE), however, I am not able to do so.

I added the showExperimentalOptions=true in the NC configuration file, restarted the app but when I click on enable virtual files the app is crashing and nothing happens.

Logs don’t show much either, or maybe I am not looking in the correct place.

I tried using the nextcloud-desktop from snap, flatpak and opensuse repo. All of them have the same behaviour. I did notice thou when I use the AppImage app I can enable the feature.

I would prefer using the binary from the Opensuse repository so that I can use the nextcloud-dolphin feature too.

Does anyone have the same issue with the Linux client? If so, is there a way how to fix it?