Desktop client 3.3.2 is out!

Hi everybody,

The desktop client team pushed out version 3.3.2 of the desktop client yesterday. This is a minor bugfix version with the following 4 fixes and a documentation update:

  • desktop#3676 Bugfix/
    checksums parse issue
  • desktop#3686 [stable-3.3]
    Fix macOS app bundle name in packaging scripts
  • desktop#3706 [stable-3.3]
    Bugfix/nextcloud cmd dav fix
  • desktop#3711 [stable-3.3]
    support server versions for one year after it is end of life
  • desktop#3717 [stable-3.3]
    Update nextcloudcmd documentation.

Get updating!


On the download link there is still the 3.3.1 version.

Hello @jospoortvliet ,

release is available at GitHub but not at as eehmke mentioned.

Last night my NC reported me that NC v22.1.1 is available.
Still there is no changelog at

Please prepare releases / write changelog first and then write news articles and enable auto-updater afterwards.



Sadly I was on holiday, which made this process a bit harder. It’s on the site now, will update the changelog as well.

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