Desktop Client 3.2.2 is out, update!

Our wonderful desktop team published an update for the stable 3.2 series with a few more fixes! Get your fix now.

  • desktop#3264 [stable-3.2] Fallback to primary screen if screen under pointer not found
  • desktop#3273 [stable-3.2] send OS name and version to auto updater to allow selective upgrades
  • desktop#3327 [stable-3.2] upgrade SQLite3 to 3.35.5
  • desktop#3357 [stable-3.2] VFS. Display local file name clash error when syncing in VFS mode.
  • desktop#3358 [stable-3.2] VFS. Allow dehydartion of readonly files. Preserve ‘readonly’ flag when creating a placeholder.

Hey all, installed the 3.2.2 client today and implemented Virtual Files in Windows 10 for the first time and it’s working great - thanks for an awesome update. Have you considered implementing viewing of thumbnails for online only files like OneDrive offers? I mostly store image files on my NextCloud instance so great to offload unused files from the laptop SSD but not seeing thumbnails is still a bit of a deal breaker for Virtual Files. Again, very much appreciate the work that went into this and the release is looking awesome!

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Cannot install Nextcloud client on Window 2016 Standart (for normal user). There is a report on the screen with text something like "… need Windows 10 etc… "

Last working version 3.1.1

It is very strange because I am not trying to install NCserver, just client like into any other normal SW.

Zdenek Hosa

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hello @Zdenek ,
that’s because the virtual files feature is new in Windows 10.
Windows Server 2016 doesn’t support that and newer windows server releases won’t too, because that’s a consumer-oriented feature and normally not needed in server environments.

take a look at this issue

last working version seems to be 3.2.0

OK no problem,
which changes in register I have to do or which library I have to install for CAL users on Windows Server 2016-2019 ???

Ahahah guys well done with this update ( it s a bit ironic sorry)

You know what ? 3 windows clients
All windows pro, all up to date with 20h2 and 21h1
What happened just after the installation?
Explorer.exe crashed and never restarted.

So Ctrl alt delete, bring the task manager up.
Run explorer.exe
What happened ?
There is a crashing loop
Starting-> crashing → starting crashing
I had to reboot the entire host.

This is not related to any antivirus program.
So bad programming on your part guys, or another possibility, the presence of boxcryptor or veracrypt as a sub thread of explorer

So do you want à GitHub ticket about this or not ?
Because it is highly reproductible….

I’m on the “stable” channel, but last few versions crash Explorer.exe, 3.2.2 just won’t sync, stays at “reconciling changes” or “sychronizing with local folder” without any activity.

If you have any debug info, yes, create a github ticket. Same for @timmersr - we should fix such crashes of course…

So Desktop Client 3.2xxxx and higher will never work for MS 2016 and higher user ???
I am talking about client not server. I need to know ASAP because otherwise I have to find another DMS or to get back to OneDrive.

Hi @Zdenek

AFIAK the client needs at least Version 1709 of Windows. Windows Server 2016 is based on 1607 and therefore too old…

But maybe they can sort that out, because according to MS the needed dll for the Virtual Drive functionality is also available on Server 2016

It would be great if I (and a group of other users) could update to 3.2.2, but unfortunately we are stuck at version 3.0.3 due to an really old and frustrating issue: Nextcloud client 3.1 syncs "ignored files" · Issue #2728 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub :disappointed_relieved: Please help! :pray:t2:

I see. Sorry - I can’t put priority on things - that is a matter of somebody having time (unless it’s reported by a customer). But the team is now catching up to github issues so in the next weeks/months they’ll get to it, I’m sure.

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Yes, that is the truth :grinning:

Please file a ticket at GitHub incl. all necessary information (there is a template).

PS I read today in the work report of one of the desktop client team members:

Implemented support for on demand load of virtual files plugin allowing the current client to run on all Windows 10 and Windows Server edition (with virtual files support or not)

That’ll help for some Windows Server users, coming in 3.2.3 I think.



when will 3.2.3 available on public download page? My installation said every day, please update. But I have to download the msi to install it via software installation tool. But on the public download site is only 3.2.2 availabe :frowning:

The link from Install – Nextcloud goes to


Just change the “v3.2.2” to “v3.2.3”. Worked for me.

Hey guys,

fairly new to the forum. Where can i raise a feature request for the desktop client?

Its fairly simple, the existing client doesn’t gel well with a windows dark theme. A simple theming option to invert the white background and font colour would be great.


Github is the place to put feature requests…

It looks like there is already a request on this topic. You can either upvote the existing request or leave a comment to make additions or clarifications…