Desktop Client 3.0.3 is here with over a dozen fixes

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As part of their monthly release cycle, the desktop team has pushed out version 3.0.3 of the desktop client with about a dozen fixes. We’re reproducing the changelog here below.

  • desktop#2479 [stable-3.0] Free IconJob after use
  • desktop#2491 [stable-3.0] Connect signal guiLog to slot to display systray message.
  • desktop#2498 [stable-3.0] Update propagateupload.cpp
  • desktop#2502 [stable-3.0] macOS: Fix memory leak in FolderWatcherPrivate::startWatching
  • desktop#2511 [stable-3.0] Windows MSI: Update Docs & add SKIPAUTOUPDATE property
  • desktop#2513 [stable-3.0] Handle redirects when downloading updates
  • desktop#2524 [stable-3.0] Handle ask for optional password capability
  • desktop#2533 [stable-3.0] Repair the Windows build
  • desktop#2567 [stable-3.0] Fix share dialog animation for enforced password policy
  • desktop#2570 [stable-3.0] Fix crash when clicking on folder with status 403 in the main dialog.
  • desktop#2576 [stable-3.0] Avoid depth infinity propfind for e2ee
  • desktop#2577 [stable-3.0] Expose branding values to qtquick
  • desktop#2592 [stable-3.0] Also output the event flags in the debug logs

Read what’s new in the 3.0 series of our desktop client in our earlier announcement.


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Download it here.

desktop#2576 [stable-3.0] Avoid depth infinity propfind for e2ee

That one breaks whole sync ability of desktop client (at least when having E2EE activated).


After updating, it says the version number is 3.0.2.

Cannot confirm. Tested on Lin, Win und Mac.
Installation went well?

This is on Windows. It threw an error saying something about the updated process already running, but then updated and restarted the client. After that, I opened the settings and it says v3.0.2, but also says the version is up to date. :man_shrugging:t3: Seems to be working, in any case.

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Please go to “Installed programs” do not know the exactly name, the list of installed software in control panel.
Uninstall the client.
Install v3.0.3
Check version in settings dialog.

I can confirm this behavior. Windows 10 x64, at least 3 workstations having the same issue.

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