Desktop client Fails to Install on Windows 10 Pro

I am attempting to install and test the desktop client version on a Windows 10 Pro running 1909 v 18363.693.

It fails to complete the install, pops an error box that says:
“Loadlibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect”

The client installs on my desktop OK but not this test system.
Owncloud’s desktop client install fine.
Both systems are running as admins.

Thank you in advance.

I found this bug report with the same error:

If that isn’t related to your problem, please open a new bug report on the bug tracker there. Especially if you managed to install the previous version the same system (so it is a problem just with the latest version).

3 months later - same problem - no fix

September 2020 and we are encountering this bug over RDP on Windows 10, brand new install of the OS and Nextcloud Client 3.0.1