Desktop Client 2.5 produces keychain Question for E2E Credentials every Boot under ubuntu

After updating the Client to Version 2.5 my ubuntu keychain is asking for Credentials for user = xy

So i entered my valid credentials -> but pop up resist in loop for entering right Password.

I checked my pass 2-3 times, everything is valid. With same credentials i can login to my cloud (webui) etc.

If i press cancel Button instead - loop ends, nextcloud client starts and is green (in sync with my server)

Witch credentials / settings do i check more under linux?

**Update 13:50

I purged nextcloud-client 2.5 and reinstalled the snap from the software shop.
After re-installing all dependencies “libqtchain, libqtkeychain0, and so on…”

Now i got the 2.3.3 from the snap shop but everything works fine as before.

What could be wrong with the 2.5 Version not opening the keychain or password vault from linux?
Thanks for ideas :slight_smile:

I don’t know where you find the credentials on the desktop client, I wasn’t given that option because I had already set up my E2E password on my mobile client. If you set up E2E already on your mobile device, it would be that password that was autogenerated for you

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Thanks for your reply! You saved my day :slight_smile:. Forgot that I played once with E2E on my phone.

I did the exact same thing hehe

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