Desktop App - too many files open


My client application doesn’t sync, it sends an error of too many files open.
I am using Ubuntu 20.04
the client works with 18.04

Is it client side or server side that could be causing the issue?
I tried amending how many files can be open on the client, but was no solution to the issue, so i have reverted to original file setting of not stating a number. as below

*       soft    nofile  65536
*       hard    nofile  65536

Any help or point in the right direction will be much appreciated.

I am having the same issue since a few days ago. Is there any way to fix it?

I have found a workaround for the time being. IT ISN’T PRETTY.

You can gradually increase the amount of files the client syncs. e.g. I syncd my documents first, then reopened the settings and clicked the videos tick box and re-sync’d, then did the same with the pictures etc.

it got to the point where it was taking ages so I tried the next step

goto the following and add the following


*         soft    nofile      500000
*         soft    nproc       500000
*         hard    nproc       500000



ensure the system is updated and restart. seeems to be working now, but only after an update, before it would just crash.