Desktop App connection failure

Hi there, I’m trying to configure syncing of a folder between desktop/android to nextcloud.

Currently my nextcloud is working via drag and drop both via the local ip and the domain.

I’m using Cloudflare Tunneled to connect to a nextcloud docker container on my unraid server.

I can connect to the website absolutely fine in the browser, including uploading to and creating documents, managing user and settings etc.

For some reason the desktop app isnt playing dice while trying to use the local ip or the domain ip, for either http or https. The android app works for both the domain and IP version (after disabling cloudflare email verification for the subdomain, on https).

Using domain or local via https on desktop:
Failed to connect to Nextcloud at : proxy connection refused

Using domain or local via http on desktop:
Failed to connect to Nextcloud at<Address: connection refused

Stuff I’ve tried so far:

Disabling cloudflare email auth for nextcloud (allows android app to work).
Adding the sub domain ( website as a trusted domain and proxy.
Reinstalling the desktop app

This could be something really obvious that I’m missing, I just can’t seem to get it working. Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Anyone that could help with this would be a savior :pray:

Desperate last bump, anyone has anything that could help?