Desktop & Android App unable to connect

Hi all!

I am unable to connect to my nextcloud instance running inside a docker container.
Version: 27.0.1

When I try to connect the Desktop App to Nextcloud it gives me an error:
404 Not Found GET

I have entered the base Url:
When I try to call the status page manually in browser it is accessible through
(Only with the slash at the end).

Nextcloud is running inside a docker behind with a Nginx Webserver. And there is another nginx Reverse Proxy in place.

The Android app says that it can’t find the server als well.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

  • Make sure you haven’t configured Nextcloud to think it’s in a subdirectory (/nextcloud/) [check your config.php for references - ideally post it if you want help]
  • Your reverse proxy configuration sounds incorrect. Can you share how you have it configured? Did you follow the Admin Manual Reverse Proxy section or do it some other way?