Design system question: How to add new icons?

How can we add icons in the NC icons pool? We’re currently implementing integration for open-project and it would be awesome to have an openproject icon in the sidebar title. I didn’t find the separate GitHub repo just for icons. Can someone point me to how we can add a new icon?

I moved your request from the freelancing to the dev category.

For me personally it’s not clear which sidebar you are referring to. If you develop an app, you can ship your own icons and do not need to extend the default icon pool).

See to learn how you can use your own icon e.g. for the settings section.

Normally every app adds its own icons.

/path/to/nextcloud/apps/forms/appinfo/info.xml → there you find e. g. forms.svg
I thnk Nextcloud uses this image in the app navigation bar at the top.

In the directory /path/to/nextcloud/apps/forms/img you find 18 files for the app forms.