Description of oc_ldap_group_members

Hi all,

I have done a dozen of upgrades from Owncloud 6 ultimately to Nextcloud 11.0.2. All is working fine so far.

I now want to enable ldap-integration and I’m having some database issues. For some reason the ldap-tables are incorrect. I managed to fix oc_ldap_user_mapping and oc_ldap_group_mapping.

While enable the ldap-pluging in Nextcloud, I get:

Table oc_ldap_group_members has no primary key.

Recreating the previously mentioned tables fixed this. In both cases the primary key was set incorrect.

Can anyone show their oc_ldap_group_members table in mysql?

This is how mine looks right now, and apparently this is incorrect:

MariaDB [owncloud]> desc oc_ldap_group_members;
| Field         | Type         | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| owncloudname  | varchar(255) | NO   | PRI |         |       |
| owncloudusers | longtext     | NO   |     | NULL    |       |

A working CREATE statement would be even better, since I’m definitely not an SQL-expert :wink: