Des fichiers n'ont pas passé la vérification d’intégrité


Sur un Nexcloud 19.0.1 à l’installation toute fraîche, j’ai cet avertissement dans : index.php/settings/admin/overview

Des fichiers n'ont pas passé la vérification d’intégrité. Vous trouverez plus d'information sur comment résoudre ce problème dans notre documentation. (Liste des fichiers invalides… / Rescanner…)

$ php occ integrity:check-core
    - .htaccess:
      - expected: 49b882eed84d95bc41965468746c9183a665b02a0a7e4814dd2c74930f8da878aa9d845a3735c0cbe472c01ded4005c3d46cf83fb5bf80bb351d226c7fa78ffe
      - current: 285ee5a730d143e7fcd911f2ad045b2197cd191b6a315b569565b172d10b43210680e4bba83da24f9ffcdf093ff5a9b402e9b70f6426388be5e4d21dfcc453b8
    - .user.ini:
      - expected: 4843b3217e91f8536cb9b52700efb20300290292cf6286f92794d4cec99df286afeb7dd6c91b1be20bc55eda541eef230a5c5e7dcd46c189edd0ed1e80c6d3f5
      - current: b33d1d38ae4d4bcbf6ae608a64cecf53ea069463434ac225744a36d7143d0bf46f230be1589b236ad0e6471d3ddaeed46b1e8a331183f88b6dc5a4fdaa119f43
    - .infomaniak-maintenance.html:
      - expected: 
      - current: 354448507edcb68fdb596d79b2b1fed22862771932aad494aafb5aed7e816cad0c5ec91cac79f2d3fdbd98a65fa445e65695bd9d89eba8fe25e93cbfc0b8b1fd

Que faire svp ?

For the .htaccess and .user.ini file I would recommend to download the related Nextcloud archive file and extract the mentioned file to the Nextcloud directory. Both seems to contain modifications which cause the different checksums.
For the .infomanial-maintenance.hml file I recommend to delete it or move it to a different directory because it seems not to be part of the original Nextcloud package.

Ok j-ed

But for my shared hosting, I need the .user.ini to declare php directives because I don’t have access to php.ini of course. I will follow your advice, but go back to the activation of the hosting directives. How can I then validate these changes to Nextcloud?

Thank you.

You asked how you can rid of the message and I provided a solution what need to be done. If you need to modify the .user.ini file because that’s the only way how you can set custom parameters, you have to live with the verification messages. Afaik, no way exists to update the file hashes under the Nextcloud root folder.