Deploying NextCloud Server Code on a Machine


how can I deploy latest code of the NextCloud server on a machine? I mean not from installation using snap



Just check the installation Guide I linked you before:

Other guides can be found pretty easy on the internet:

If you speak german then this guide can be good for you:

Once it’s installed via Snap, it’ll then update automatically without intervention.

do you mean through “Update channel” ,or something else?, because update channel isn’t showing at my admin page

Thanks to Schmu he instructed me about “update channel” yet it didn’t show as you can see in the snapshot, after that I added to the config.php

  'maintenance' => false,
  'updater.server.url' => '',
  '' => 'daily',
  'loglevel' => 0,

yet, update channel isn’t showing.

is there anyway to know if I’m updated to the latest code? such as a command line at the server’s terminal (NextCloud is installed on Ubuntu 16.04) or any other way?

thank you

Snap doesn’t use the update channel, you can choose a channel for snap installation, but this is the snap channel, not the Nextcloud channel. Therefore, you won’t see it listed in admin.

I installed the latest nextcloud last modified at 2018-01-17 22:04 and enabled database and added password
and added configuration to S3, when finishing installation for NextCloud at browser, this came

does following this link solve the problem, or I should do something else?
I already followed it but can’t reach this page anymore

Thanks for the help

don’t mind the question, typo error in the nextcloud.conf , and it worked fine

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