Deny access to folder


i have a problem and i think it must be possibile to realize this in nextcloud!
My topology:
Groups: member-all, GF, IT, finances
User: all users are in “member-all”, the chief is the only one in “GF”, IT have some members and finances too…
Folders: Administration with Subfolders (Documents, GF-EX, Finances, IT)

Now i need to set the permissons like that:
user of the group member-all should only have access to Documents, user of group IT only in IT, finances in Finances and GF should have access to all Folders… of course also with overlap!

I tried to realize this with the app access control but that does not work like i wanted!
And i think there must exist a solution or workaround because i can’t belive that i am the only one with this problem!

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Have you checked the groupfolder app? In that you can give groups permissions to folders that is shared by that group.

yeah but i cannot create a subfolder with additional permissions…
If i create a group folder administration and add the group member-all; any user can access to IT, finance, GF-EX, etc… but that should not be the case… :frowning:

You have to create one folder for each. It will only see the it folder and so forth but if would see them all.

But yes it would be good if the group folder supported nested folders.

yes but if i do it like that my topology would be destroyed…(i have many more folders)
i would like to combine all administrative things in one main folder; but if i create a folder for everyone i have everything on one layer;

One other tactic is to create a folder from one user and share that with one specific group with the right rights

It’s not perfect either but solves some of the problems

yes thats the way ive done it…
ok so its not possible to create the topology like i described it? too bad :frowning:

No. The best option is the groupfolder app. It isnt that cluttery if your not creating tons of group folder. And only thos that should see them does.

@dfresh22 ok i will change my answer. Silly me has not checked everything before making an answer. It IS possible.

create one groupfolder. In the name field write /Documents give that to a general staff group
then create another. In the name field write /Documents/IT give that to a group IT
and so on. You just have to write the whole path for it in the name

Thank you very much! That wear exactly what I was looking for!

Kind regards

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