Demo instances of 9-14 now live


my dear old boy, so sorry to let you know that i just broke your nc12 -demo. tried to do an update to 12.0.3. and it went smoothly until the webupdater stalled at this point “oauth2: Failed to enable app oauth2”

sorry to cause you more work now :frowning:

Hey it’s fine - still works. I’ll sort it later :slight_smile:

Nextcloud 13 beta has been added to the list of servers!

Nextcloud 13 beta



Just wanted to say this is great work setting NextCloud up in LXD. I wanted to let you know that I put a link to this on the LXD sub-reddit so others could find it.

Thanks again for your effort.


Thanks Brian! LXD lends itself nicely to this type of usecase :slight_smile:

Nice Idea. I have also setup an Demo Cloud for testing for users in an Telegram group for nextcloud.

Welcome to link to this one also - though it fully resets every hour :slight_smile:

Okay. I must write an script to cleanup the data and user every hour

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Edit, nevermind!

Demo 13 has been updated to RC1 and Talk is enabled by default.


NC 13 has been available for a while, all demo servers updated to their latest release and a small change to the automation which should result in a more reliable experience :+1:


NC 12 and 13 are at their latest patch levels as of today. Happy demoing!


Hi folks,

demo servers will be down for a while, server failure means I’ll be rebuilding the setup

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Woohoo! Demo servers are back up on a new host!

Upcloud have kindly offered to host them for me as I brought it up off-hand with one of the account managers there.

In addition, I’ve now added NC 14 to the list :slight_smile:


as always: simply great! thanks so much!!

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Hi @JasonBayton thanks for hosting easily accessible demo instances. You seem to have some trouble in your webserver config, though as for Nextcloud 14 there is already a message that there are many wrong login attempts form the same ip (which is probably the case since nextcloud only recognises the logins as coming from your reverse proxy). The same login throttling is on Nextcloud 13 (but not as visible to the user).

Thanks! That’s recent. I’ll resolve it over the coming days.

Servers were moved from Upcloud as they decided to stop offering me credits for hosting them :roll_eyes:
They’re now currently running on my home servers, but there should be little to no noticeable difference :smiley:

15 is on the way, as are updates to the other versions (it’s been a manic few months)

Thanks @tflidd for editing the title - I’d left it unchanged so as not to cause broken links but perhaps that won’t happen!


No rush, but would be awesome to have a test instance for Nextcloud 16. Thanks for running these!

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