Deletion of Files in Microsoft Explorer does not get sync to Deleted Files in Web

Hi Devs,

If I delete a File or a Folder via Web it is moved to Deleted Files. If I restore it even the versoning is still intact.

If I delete a File or a Folder via Windows explorer and then the change is Synced to Nextcloud everything is gone.

I was quite shocked cause it happend unforseen and I (unrecoverable) lost the whole versioning with it. Fortunatly I could recover the files from the Windows PC but still damage is done.

Is this supposed to be like that? Did I miss a setting?
I really like the Deleted Files and Versioning cause I can be more careless unless I do something in Deleted Files. But now this is no longer possible.

Thank you for consideration.

Hi Devs,

Should I make a github issue? I am still hoping that I missed a setting.

Thank you

Hi Devs,

I really wonder why this does not get any attention.
Can you please enlighten me why this is as it is.

Thank you.

I tested it for you. I used WebDAV in Windows File Explorer.
After deleting a file in the webdav share the file moved to trashbin.

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Hi @devnull ,

I am stunned at least on my windows 10 laptop it works. I will retry it on windows 7 late night when I am home (where the catastrophic event appeared).

I am sorry my emotions went up, I should have retried it once more.

Hi @devnull ,

In short: I could not reproduce it and there are no logs anymore.

I tried it with new client and old client on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

I searched for log files but they are already gone and my backup is not meant for long term. Unfortunately it renewed on Sunday.

So I have to close it, i can’t give you any information regarding this issue. Hopefully nobody else encounters it.

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