Deleting files on expiration date

is there any possibility to automatically delete shared files on the expiration date of the link? We use nextcloud mostly for sharing files via email and the users usually forget to delete the files, which results in many files noone does need anymore, only needing storage space.
Thank you, OrangeMan.

there is no option to automatically delete files on link-expiration. however you can use the retention-app in combination with the workflow-app (automatic tagging) to achieve something similar.

the retention-app automatically deletes files after some time defined by a tag.

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Hi all,

I’m opening this thread a bit late but I’me also interested in this “files retention” appli. Unfortunately I cannot find it in the App menu. How can I install it?

Notice : I have limited knowledge in system admin :wink:

Thanks in advance for any help!

you will find it in your nextcloud-instance under “apps” - “tools” - "retention"
install and enable it. there should be additional options in your admin-settings at “workflow”.