Deleted items fills with unknown files


Nextcloud seems to be deleting files by itself, however the files are not recognized by me. I have two accounts, my own, personal account and an Admin. It happens apparently only under my user.
I can delete them, I have to do multiple “Delete Permanently” clickst, refreshing in between, but eventually I can clean them up.

Nextcloud is version 27.0.1.

Here is what they look like:

Any ideas what this is?


If it’s this, it’s been fixed and should land in v27.0.2: [Bug]: Wrong filenames in trash bin · Issue #39539 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Hmm, doesn’t sound quite like that, but I’ll update to 27.0.2 and see if it persists. Nextcloud shouldn’t be deleting files on it’s own however. If it does, the question is why. However, if files have other filenames, I can’t really track it.
I have my Documents linked to Nextcloud, I hope it’s not doing some crazy stuff like deleting random files…

It could be something as simple as a an external text editor saving changes. Some work by creating a new file and deleting the old one/etc.

But, yeah, it’s more challenging if you can’t see the entire filename. :slight_smile :slight_smile:

Have you tried restoring one of the files to see what’s in it?