Deleted bookmarks keep coming back

Deleted bookmarks keep coming back.

Floccus extension is set to “PullDown”. I’m not sure if this is the correct setting. I’ve been using it so long I forgot what it is suppose to be set to.

I have never had this problem before and not sure why it’s performing this way now.

Please advise

Pull down
Download changes from other browsers and overwrite local changes

This includes resurrecting deleted bookmarks.

If you want your local changes to be synced to the server, consider using “Push up” or “Merge” (I recommend the latter for “normal sync” functionality)

Merge is a term I’m familiar with and except for setting up a new browser I normally would use Merge, after the initial PullDown.

However, I don’t know why this would have changed to “PullDown” to begin with.

Perhaps floccus update did this or something. I did check my other computers and they are all set to “Merge”.

I just didn’t want to change it from “PullDown” if everything was working with that setting previously then I didn’t understand how or why it changed. Also I didn’t want to just change it if that is how it’s been the whole time.

Oh WELL, anyhow thanks all seems as expected with "Merge’.

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