Delete nextcloud client completely windows 10

Expected behaviour:
When uninstalling the windows client, all files and data from nextcloud ist deleted

Actual behaviour:
When uninstalling and installing again, all links set in the app (so all sync parameters) are again there. So nextcloud must store some userdata somewhere.

How can I completely delete all the data from the windows client?

Most software store user settings in %appdata% and should never be deleted if you uninstall it. This is the expected behaviour. Open this folder and delete the nextcloud folder inside it.

I think even in the current version the experience is still the same. I feel it would be good if as part of deinstallation process it is asked whether accounts details should be deleted.

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This is mandatory. Just a recent example.
I used folder e:\Next for quite some time.
Uninstalled Nextcloud.
Installed and pointed to new folder e:\nextcloud

Everything worked like a charm until I turned on the machine the next day.
Files in e:\nextclud were deleted (on the server too!)
New files were put in e:\next (hence the deletion)


Agree! User’s should not be required to go to some obscure folder to delete settings (especially when working in heterogeneous environments - Linux, macOS, windows - who can remember the vagaries of where these OSes store their magical little user data) .
Especially because leaving the settings there and doing a re-install can cause catastrophic data loss (see user example below)

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I don’t know how this is handled in macOS: but at least for Linux and Windows installers usually keep the user settings as these are not created by the installer - so why should the installer remove things it did not create in the first place?

A better solution would be to offer some “cleanup tool” to remove all stored settings for a specific user or all user accounts in the system if needed.

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Programs (Altium Designer) provide the option of deleting user preferences.
I suggest that during installation the user is asked whether to re-use existing preferences or make new ones. This is safe, easy and useful.

You could open a feature request on GitHub. Maybe the developers will consider to integrate this feature in future releases. In the meantime, the easiest solution would be to first remove the account in the app before uninstalling it.

If the user deinstalls Nextcloud and reinstalls it and choses a new directory for the synchronization, then the user data should be updated.

If the application uses old user data, where a different sync path was used, where does the application store the new path?

This is really strange behaviour.