Delete forum user account


Is it possibly to delete your forum user account?
I try to not have accounts on sites I don’t really use.

And thanks to nextcloud for making a great product !

Best regards

There should be a button to delete your account in the preferences. I can’t look into the configuration details of this setup, so I’m not sure if there are conditions for it (min. posts, status, whatever). If you can’t find the option, we can disable or delete your account as well, if you wish.

HI ! How can I delete my account, if I don’t want to use the forum any more ? There is no button in the preferences !
I don’t want it now, but later. Thanks for answering ! lg. Joe7

Either create a topic or PM one of the mods.

Sorry, I am a newby. What is a PM ?

Private message. Click on my avatar (picture) and you should see an option to message.

OK. That’s fine. Thank you ! Regards, Joe

Just to reiterate, if you don’t see an option to remove your account from the profile settings, then please get in touch with a forum moderator.