Delete folder appdata?


used space was too high, so i had to delete several files. the size of the main folder is still too high. folder appdata_ocrz… is about 30G, updater-ocrn… has also 10G.
In appdata there are thousend of files with 1M- 3M.

what is the purpose of this folder and can i delete it to gain some space?

Do not delete appdata_ocaqp*** .
The Nextcloud do not work :wink:

I think updater can be deleted.
Rename it for test.
Do not delete it. Download it and then delete it.
If update fails restore your local backup.

thanks for the advice, but how can i restore my free space? Why are there 30G files when every uploaded file has been deleted and trash is empty?

Do you have shell access? Install “ncdu” and sort the folders (memory). Find big files e.g. logs.
You can first perhaps rename and delete the updater-folders.

checked it with bash already, there are no files bigger than 10M but thousends of files with 1-3M, all in the appdata folder

Please post some files perhaps to

sorry but as long as i dont know what those files are and what content they got, i’m not comfortable posting internal data on the outside, cause my server contains several calender and other private stuff :wink:

I think the file-names are apps and programs. You can send me a few names per private message.

the files are in folder preview with names like 58041 or 38785, with 4.3M or 3.2M

and what is the content?
Direct in data/appdata-*** Here no files only 11 dirs.

opened 2 folders, both had jpg, like 2310-4096-max.jpg or 256-256-crop.jpg

The other contained png, this time 1152-2048-max and 32-32-crop

name seems size related

btw, thanks so far for your fast help :slight_smile:

Preview files used for thumbnails. Look in nextcloud/data/appdata_xxxxx/preview

Also, the nextcloud updater keeps backups that can be quite large.

You can use ‘du -sh foldername’ to see how big it is.

Most likely the subfolder ../data/appdata_xyz/previews is the one which contains most of the data. For each picture several preview files are generated by default. It might be worse to restricted the generation of preview files as described here:

i downloaded one png and checked it, thumb of a uploaded picture long time ago.

so if i delete all thumbs, there will be no harm to the system cause the main pictures are gone anyway, right?

It shouldn’t cause trouble to delete the previews, but it will instantly be created again if you browse a folder. Therefore I would recommend to follow the provided description to restrict the number pf previews first before you generate new ones.

It might also be worse to read this article:

Perhaps you can browse through your pictures and find a picture in data//dir/… Then you search the filename in data/appdata_xxxx and post all dir-filename-versions and the sizes for these pictures. I think you upload big pictures and the biggest preview is also 1MB . So you have perhaps the almost same size for pictures in the original-picture-dirs and in the preview-dirs. But this is perhaps the problem of the biggest preview size.

the folders are deleted long time ago, so i take the risk :wink:

thank you @all for your fast and helpful reply

You can rename the dirs and test it.