Delete encrypted credentials from DB dump

Nextcloud version : 27.0.1
Operating system and version : TrueNas Scale
Apache or nginx version: 1.25.1

I followed this migration guide of my host plattform:

its said before migrating delete the smb auth app, which I did.
Somehow it didn’t work and there are still encrypted credentials in my database dump.

after running occ upgrade i get this error:

and nc shows this error:

Is there a way to delete the encrypted credentials right in the db dump, if so, how and what parts do I have to delete to make it work?

There is no “smb auth app”. What did you delete?

From the docs you linked to:

If you are using SMB authenticated external storage on your Nextcloud remove it before starting this guide. The migration process will fail if it is not removed.

…I think the instruction here was to remove any configured SMB-based External Storage (i.e. delete it from your configuration) before proceeding with the rest of the guide.

thats what i was referring to, but sadly deleting the credentials and the app from config, didnt bring the effect that it was deleted from the db…

Oh, my bad. Now I understand.

The files_external app stores it’s configuration in db tables that are all called PREFIX_external_*. Typically PREFIX = oc.


Those are likely present in your db dump.

thank you for the db field names, in the meantime I had to manually bring back my data, but maybe some one else running into this problem could use this information and verify if its working :slight_smile:

thanks a lot!