Delete bugs before creating new features

Using NextCloud with an iPad takes a lot of nerves from the user. The hint in Opera Touch that it is better to use Safari is completely wrong - since NC doesn’t really work with that either. On top of that, the NC manufacturers are obviously not satisfied with a one-off indication of incompatibility. No, this annoying hint keeps popping up.
Current bug with the latest version
(iPad pro 14.4 / NC 18.03): The search function in the command line at the top right is measly and folds up again every time it is clicked (Safari and Opera). So no contacts can be searched. Collabora doesn’t work either.

What is to do?

What you can do: Check on that the bugs you are experiencing were reported there. If the developers are not aware of the problem they can’t fix it. iPads are probably not the first device they have in mind during their work.

NC 18.0.3 is nearly a year old. There have been a few minor releases, and since end of January, there is no support for NC 18 any more. So please plan to upgrade soon. Sometimes they fix bugs in newer versions :wink:

Thanks for your answer,
I’m using NC hosted (installed + configured) by
So I can activate plugins but can’t update + configure the installation.
Then I’ll have to ask the Mittwald support department to work up a sweat. :slight_smile: