Delete a zombie Share

NC 20.04. Some Shares were established for testing purposes within a Group Folder, including those shared with everyone.

Have done all i can to remove the Share - the folders and files shared have all been deleted. But the Share keeps popping up against other users - which is “noise”!

If most (all?) users have that Share showing up they can see options on right-click which include “Leave this Share”.

Is there a high level command we could run in “occ” which could do that disconnection for all users?

Anywhere else we could look to track down the Zombies?

Who is the owner of the shares?

I am owner of the Shares. And have pressed all the buttons I could see for deleting them. The shares do not show up now when I am logged on as myself.

[EDIT] I am a member of the Admin group.

The occ magic is documented. Please see Using the occ command — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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