Delayed notification on Desktop clients?

Hello, I’m not sure I should post a bug report so I figured I should ask here first ?

When sending a notification to a user (ex : ‘sudo nextcloud.occ notification:generate refhi test test’) I get an instant notification on my phone (max 3 seconds on Nextcloud app on Android), but it’s delayed on the web interface (around 10 sec) and extremely delayed on the desktop client (hours sometime, unless I manually check the notification).

I’m on a fully updated snap nextcloud server and my clients are up to date. I’ve had this problem since the begining (3 years ?).

I googled a bit, looked on github for other people talking about it but could’nt find anything substantial. Does anyone else have that kind of problem ?

(I’ve poked around notify_push without success)

Thanks !

all kinds of clients should poll every few seconds (15,30,60 don’t know exactly)… until you install notify_push: this must turn notification into almost instant. if you need help with notify_push check this post

for other issues try to isolate the problem and report exact problems with corresponding logs…