Dein Datenverzeichnis kann von anderen Benutzern gelesen werden

I am trying to get Nexcloud Server running on Linux Mint 20:
I ran the nextcloud installation wizard as described here:

At the end I got this message:


Dein Datenverzeichnis kann von anderen Benutzern gelesen werden

Bitte ändere die Berechtigungen auf 0770, sodass das Verzeichnis nicht von anderen Benutzern angezeigt werden kann.

So I tried to change using “chmod -R 0770” /var/www/nextcloud/data
Now the error message changes to:
"Dein Datenverzeichnis ist ungültig Stelle sicher, dass eine Datei “.ocdata” im Wurzelverzeichnis des data-Verzeichnisses existiert. Your data directory is not writable Berechtigungen können zumeist korrigiert werden indem dem Web-Server Schreibzugriff auf das Wurzel-Verzeichnis eingeräumt wird. Siehe auch "

How to get rid of this error circle?

My .ocdata has 0744

Found a solution:
Change /var/www/nextcloud/data - and only this directory - to 0773, hence not readable by others.
Now it works! :slight_smile:

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Dear @anon93002831,
changed .ocdata to 0744, too.
Thank you very much for the hint! :slight_smile:

  • What is the purpose of .ocdata?

Gladly, I cannot say it but I think it is so. I can’t remember having changed anything.

.ocdata is just an empty file that with its presence tells nextcloud that it is looking at the right dir for data.

0773 makes no sense. The world can write and execute? That makes no sense.
Nobody sets something for all to 3.

Indeed, I was astonished, too, this works and it was the very last thing I tried.
Firefox is running in terms of my login with all its processes and therefore there is a problem in the message “Change to 0770”, because followig this advice does not solve the issue but drop the other error message (, see above). Also just /data is set to 0773, all sub-directories not.