Defective installation: Migration to new server

I recently upgraded my TrueNAS core to TrueNAS Scale.
Sadly I failed to check that the iocage Jails are not working after that.
I had a Nextcloud instance running on my old system which is now “gone”.
Obviously the files are all still there.

I now created a separate VM to run Nextcloud in the future.

Now I was wondering how I best proceed to get the data over without having to resync everything.
At best I’d somehow like to import my previous settings (which might be problematic as there is no running Mysql instance to export the DB from) as well as the data.
The new VM uses a NFS share as future data-storage for the nextcloud data (which is on the TrueNAS with the previous data…so it could be quickly moved to be available for the new instance to access)

Whats the recommended way of proceeding?

Any help appreciated

you find the usual migration procedure here:

as you don’t have the old system running you could try to setup new DB server and use/import/recover your existing database files. Likely you get better support how inject such files into new server in the respective database application forum. If this succeeds you can continue with the official guide.