Default reminder in Calendar

I’d like the calendar app to add a reminder by default. The way it works now, if I add an appointment, by default there is no reminder. This means that appointments always go by unnoticed. I’d love to be able to set a 10 min in advance notification for all appointments by default. Is that possible?


This would be really great - I’m missing such a function as well.

This feature would be very useful! It is actually quite essential to me, as I switched over from Google Calendar, where I had a default reminder active.

I would also like to have this function, I think it is quite useful.
I personally use several reminders and that would be nice to have it also.
That means 10 Mins before the event, and one reminder 3 days before it to have a longterm reminder.

While being at it, it would then also be nice to be able to set default reminders based on whether an entry is an all-day entry or not. In Google calendar I usually had something like: 3 days ahead if an entry is an all-day event, otherwise 30 minutes.

Just curious: in case someone wanted to start working on that, where should that dialog go?

@dev-zero I’d say in settings …

I missed a few appointments because of that issue. What’s the point of calendar events without reminders by default ?

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Is there anything new on this topic? I would love to see this feature.
Btw.: My opinion is that you should set it in the seetings of the calendar.

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I don’t know if any dev read this. From user experience, it would be great to have this functionality:

  • less risk to miss an appointement
  • global settings for calendar
  • easy to edit (remove reminder or change global settings).
    I hope this case would have a good issue :wink:

I’d like to add my support for this enhancement.

As long as we are talking calendar enhancements, it would be nice if the calendar app would support email reminders. This is another feature that I miss after moving from Google Calendar.

The calendar app already supports email reminders, this thread is about having them as default for every event.

You are correct. I was accidentally conflating this with the lack of support for email reminders somewhere else. Thanks for straightening me out.

Also, thanks for pointing out that I was off-topic.

There is an extant USD 25 bounty for this feature:

Open issue: