Default poll view defined on poll basis and not pro user

Hi, I find Poll a better replacement for Doodle.

I have a question for the community: is it possible to set the default view for the poll and not for the user. Example I have some Nextcloud users that are able to set in Personal settings the default view for text poll to see as default as table. If I share the poll with external users they see the poll as a list and have to click to change the view.

Is it a bug in Poll, or a feature request, or only me that I can’t find the option?

Thank you

I think this is a feature request. Maybe you want to upvote the following issue, or create a new one if you think this is not the same topic.

I think we will revert to the table layout as default. Maybe there will be an option to force the layout to list, i.e. the text options are very long and the owner wants to optimze that.

Just stay tuned.

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