Default password for nextcloud box (snap image)

I am using nextcloud box with the official nexcloud ubuntu snappy core image and I would like to know what the default passwords are.
sudo commands, while in ssh, don’t ask me for passwords, which to me is weird, but there must be some kind of a passowrd because when I try to change password of my login using the command:

$ passwd

and it outputs this message

(current) UNIX password:
passwd: Authentication token manipulation error
passwd: password unchanged

I reckon I’m pretty much safe cause I’ve already set a passphrase for ssh. Still, my OCD kicks in and I feel I have to change the password.

The question is: Does the snappy image set a password for me? and what is it?
Is it safe to just leave it this way? I don’t seem to have problems with refreshing snaps and upgrading the system as sudo commands work without asking for a passowrd!

as you are using the official snap (at least that’s what i got from your issue) you may have forgotten that as a first step you were asked to set up an ubuntu (one) account - which was used to identify yourself for login via ssh.
this is a new feature that came with raspi 3 snap for nextcloud.

and as you have once identified this way it’s no longer neccessary doing so again and again. so there’s no need to change any password using the password-command.

So no need to change any default passwords
Thank you

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