Default password after fresh install

Hello Nextcloud Support Team,

I bought the NextCloud VM for Hyper-V from Hanssonit.
But I can’t login after the first start.
The first start ends in a login.
I trie’d the credentials user: ncadmin, pass: nextcloud but it doesn’t work.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution yet.

THX for your help

there is no default login afaik.

you can either manually edit in your DB or add the file CAN_INSTALL to your rootdir. this should prompt you with the wizard, where you can reconfigure your installation.

Thanks for your answer but once more from the start.
Maybe I don’t understand it either.

  1. I made a VM with Hyper-V
  2. I mounted the two VHDs from Hanssonit
  3. I startet the VM and the next Point is the Login

No Wizard startet there.

Are we talking about login to the webgui or login to the console/ssh interface?

I do not know hanssonit, but your provider must either give you this information or he has given it to you and you missed it in the (assumed) documentation.

Maybe @enoch85 can help here?

I uploaded a new VM yesterday. Please download a fresh VM and start over.

Please let me know if it worked or not.

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I downloaded it yesterday but I’ll try it again.

Regarding documentation:

THX … I know this documentation but point 3 doesn’t work with the vm I loaded yesterday.

Is the issue solved?

Now it seems to work … THX for your help