Default note at the top of the Files module

How do I change or remove the default message that are at the top of the Files Section. when a new account is opened.

Welcome to Nextcloud! :iphone: :cloud: :computer:

Here you can add a description or any other info relevant for the folder. It will show as a “” and in the web interface also embedded nicely up at the top.

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Copy the core/skeleton dir and then define the path to your new skeletondirectory in your config.php file e.g. 'skeletondirectory' => '/home/nextcloud/skeleton',

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Perhaps a small note. This is the file “” or also “”. This is the “folder description” and the user can directly edit the file in the folder view. Maybe a nice feature or not. Every folder can have such a file. Also the user can disable “folder discription” in the file settings. Alternatively, the user can simply delete or rename the file.